Residential Treatment (RTC) for Women

Residential Treatment for Women in Orange County


For most women with an addiction, we have a residential treatment center designed as a way to begin a recovery program. Our residential treatment program for women in Orange County is designed to address the psychological aspects, physical damage and discomfort and other social issues that need to be taken into account as part of the treatment protocol.

At Path to Serenity we understand that and one of the key reasons people who try various forms of treatment often fail How Do I know If I'm addictedis that they are still in the setting that they became addicted in the first place. They are still seeing their addicted friends, or experiencing an unhealthy family situation that often played a part in their substance abuse problem. By coming into our residential treatment for women you remove the addict from the current living situation so that one can focus 24/7 on recovery without any distractions.

Following a complete assessment of your condition, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment program and therapies including one-on-one sessions, group sessions, sessions for the family, exercise, meditation, yoga, pilates, and mindfulness training, among others. All with a focus on helping you understand why, and how, you became addicted, and how not to relapse when you leave.

If you’re looking for a residential treatment center for women in Orange County, then call us today for more information and get started on reclaiming your life.



Residential Treatment for Women in Orange County



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