Why Choose Path to Serenity

Why choose Path To Serenity?


We are frequently asked why choose Path To Serenity over all of the other options available? Selecting the right residential treatment center is very important for your recovery. We strive to set ourselves apart by offering the following unique services and specialized care:


  • High staff-to-client ratio (3 to 1)– We are a multi-faceted team of experienced therapists, counselors, and support staff. Off-site, clients are provided with doctor referrals and nutrition classes for well-rounded treatment.

  • Safe female-focused care– We offer specialized emphasis on women issues. Because so much of therapeutic material can be case-sensitive, we want our clients to be able to be honest and forthcoming with their personal concerns.

  • Small facility– At any given time, we have a maximum of 6 clients per house. All care is individualized and unique to the client.

  • Location– We are located in beautiful Southern California, land of sunny weather and plenty of activities to do! We offer engaging, experiential outings within the community to demonstrate how sobriety can be fun!

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  • In-house meals– Our house mother and support staff cook nutritious and wholesome meals for our clients and mealtimes are typically spent together to

    encourage positive social interaction and bonding.

  • Amenities– Pending treatment progress and phasing throughout the program, we offer several recreational activities including foosball, a backyard trampoline, volleyball, badminton, on-site washing/drying machines, assortment of arts/crafts/board games, and Internet/phone privileges.

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